Dragon SeriesII Roadster

Paul Carlson(phi47) has been an active photographer since his college days.

When not building or promoting his Dragon Sports Cars, Paul tries to get behind the lens to take their pictures. Here are some of the Nikons he uses:

Nikon F "Flag" Photomic was his first 35mm SLR, and he switched to the Nikon F2 in 1976, still preferring to make that camera his choice for much of his picture taking. Though the digitial age has broadened his arsenal to include an F5 based Nikon/Kodak DCS620, he still shoots with his F2SB/MD2MB1, which he customized with Red leather, socket for external Drive power, and rewired DS-1/2 contacts.


Latest project was conversion of a Nikon MF-12 Date Back(for FE,FM) to fit F2 Standard Back.

Starting with a "user" MF-12, Paul cut the Data imprinting module out of the MF-12 and an appropriately sized "window" from a suitable "donor" F2 Standard back, leaving only enough space for the MF-12 module to fit through.

Converted F2 Standard back at top and original MF-12 back is above.

OEM sync cord plugs into the F2 PC socket just like FE.

MF-12 won't become obsolete(until they stop making film!) because it uses only the last two digits for year.

JB Weld, black paint, and portions of the original leatherette dressed out the exterior.

Cutting off the second roller and adding the film can guides and some new light seals finished out the job.

Anybody got an MF-10?

How about a DS-12?

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